March 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

I don’t have this blog for a long time and i’m already neglecting it already… Anyway I wanted to blog a few days now but I just didn’t found the time to do so. I’m living with my boyfriend and his two beautiful daughters and I’m still having hard time to adjust. I hate blogging when my boyfriend is looking over me shoulder the whole time.

Last week was fun, we went shopping together and I bought a nice top (red!) and a denim blouse. Two days later I bought some high heels from New Look. They’re gorgeous and costed nearly nothing! On saturday we threw a surpriseparty for my borthers 25th birthday. I loved the clothes that I wore and I hate it that I still don’t have a camera to take pictures of my wardrobes! I wore a dress from the Lanvin for H&M collection… I bought this one in November but I never had worn it before so this was finally the perfect time. I wore my new high heels with them, a bracelet from Nicky Vankets (Belgium designer), a waist belt from Marlene Birger and my Louis Vuitton Pochette. Maybe I’ll post pictures later if I find ones from other family members…


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